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Manage Myganarpro

myfavorites pipeline management

Myganarpro serves as your dashboard for tracking both saved and hidden projects. Note that a project can’t be both saved and hidden simultaneously; the most recent choice will prevail.  Reach your dashboard at https://app.ganarpro.com/myganarpro/favorites

Saved Projects

You can easily configure the Board to match your process and it is visible everywhere, even when your team works fully or partially remote.
Cards are moved across 4 stages as they’re being worked on or completed. As a user, you can change the name of your lists to anything you’d like

To save a project, use the heart icon. You can do this either from the Map data table or directly from the project details page.

Hidden Projects

To conceal a project from all your displays, navigate to the project details page and choose the hide icon.  https://app.ganarpro.com/myganarpro/hiddenProjects

Recently Visited

Whether you’re accessing your account from your mobile device or your desktop, you’ll always have quick access to the last 30 projects you visited.  https://app.ganarpro.com/myganarpro/recentlyViewed

Saved Searches

Access your saved searches displayed in a table format. Click here to proceed to the map and view your search results.  You can only saved a search from the project Board by clicking Saved Search button and naming your search.  https://app.ganarpro.com/myganarpro/savedSearches

Save search from project board
saved search manage

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