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Project Board Map and data table

Project Board is a cloud-based platform streamlining the discovery of construction project opportunities. You can explore our map to view construction pins by location or delve into detailed projects on the right column of Project Board. It aids you in identifying opportunities, reaching out to key decision-makers through email or phone, and monitoring your communication activities.

Project Board allows you to manage your project pipeline effortlessly, from marking favorites and removing projects to reviewing recently viewed ones. Whether you’re looking locally or across North America, Project Board highlights imminent construction bids. Interact with Ganarpro projects to amplify your prospects in the construction realm.

Searching Map

Use top search box to enter a city name and click the city result in drop down box.  The data tables follows the map.

Sort by

Sort by
Most recet Updated
Newly added
Most future Bid due Date
Largest Square Feet
Near completion
Plans Drawings on file
Pubic works- Union or Davis Bacon


Breaking Ground Now

Under Construction

Completing Soon

  Historical (not active)

SizeBase sq ft sizeEnd sq ft
Extra small14,000
Extra large500,0013,800,000

Project detail cards​

Speciality contractor access Project Board through https://app.ganarpro.com/project_board. They can describe to the product individually or through an All Products plan.  

General contractors can contribute to Project Board by submitting new bid opportunities via GC Planify. Once added, these projects become searchable and available for engagement on the Project Board.

Additional resources


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Outbound emails

View email template options and learn about the merged fields in email templates.

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