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Project Board is a cloud-based platform streamlining the discovery of construction project opportunities. Explore our map to view construction pins by location or delve into detailed projects on the right column of Project Board. It aids you in identifying opportunities, reaching out to key decision-makers through email or phone, and monitoring your communication activities.

Project Board allows you to manage your project pipeline effortlessly, from marking favorites and removing projects to reviewing recently viewed ones. Whether you’re looking locally or across North America, Project Board highlights imminent construction bids. Interact with Ganarpro projects to amplify your prospects in the construction realm.

The data

Project Board features a shared dataset of construction projects sourced from Ganarpro’s invitation-to-bid opportunities and company plan rooms. Ganarpro offers a service, GC Planify, where general contractors can upload and share their invitation-to-bid requests and plan rooms, streamlining connections with other contractors. Specialty contractors, often inundated with such invitations in their inboxes, can forward the confirmed requests to a dedicated Ganarpro email. These are then uploaded to Project Board, making them accessible to all.

All projects focus on new builds or commercial building additions/renovations, excluding civil construction. The construction is always overseen by a commercial construction company headquartered in North America. Classified as general contractors, these firms employ staff and engage subcontractors to assist in constructing buildings.

The project’s phase is crucial to note. Our dataset predominantly features projects already awarded to general contractors compared to those in the pre-construction phase. While we house data on both types, we recognize that bidding before a general contractor’s award is both valuable and costly, given the heightened risk of the contractor not securing the contract.

Updating of data

Bidding statuses and procurement processes are updated quickly as possible. Ganarpro adjusts projects based on bidding availability shifts. The dataset receives daily modifications. 

How to access

Speciality contractor access Project Board through https://app.ganarpro.com/project_board. They can describe to the product individually or through an All Products plan.  

General contractors can contribute to Project Board by submitting new bid opportunities via GC Planify. Once added, these projects become searchable and available for engagement on the Project Board.

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