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Project Details Page

project board details

Start and completion date

Above the project name, two dates are displayed: the ground-breaking date and the completion date.

Available / Not available

Ganarpro has projects that are active and inactive. By default, active projects are marked as ‘Available’. You can change their status to ‘Not Available, and the project will be hidden from the project board and Project Research.

Heart/ Favorite/ Manage your pipeline

Select the heart to favorite this project.  It saves the project to https://app.ganarpro.com/myganarpro/favorites

Create Site Visit Sheet

From the project detail page, users can click a button to generate a site visit sheet, available for download or direct input into 13 designated rows. Project details are automatically integrated into each site visit sheet to streamline the process.

Create Cleaning Proposal

This button creates an estimated price. Project details are merged into the calculator and then into the proposal. This button generates a proposal with all project details, including an accurate construction cleaning price.

Create Paint Proposal

This button transfers project details into a proposal through the paint proposal generator, where you can choose between 4 different paint templates. The project name, address, construction company name, and their address, as well as the decision maker’s address, are all automatically incorporated into your paint proposal.


project’s scope, objectives, key features, design elements, materials to be used, and any unique requirements or challenges.  Details that define what the project entails, and how it is distinguished from others.


Key decision-makers for this project include the estimator, project manager, and superintendent. Access their email and phone numbers for direct communication. Utilize an email template to send messages efficiently to these contacts.

Important Dates

Added date – created in Ganarpro

Last updated – any field changed , or a contact added

Preconstruction bid due date – general contractor bid due date, all subcontractor bids are due.
Break ground date – when the project starts
Completion date – the general contractor completes all construction and hands the keys to the owner


View details of the general contractor bidding on or constructing this project, including the company’s name, address, phone number, website, and areas of operation.


Keep notes on your progress or communication.  This section is private to your own company, people without your login can not see your comments.

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