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Project Research

Project Research displays a table of all Ganarpro project data, allowing for easy sorting and filtering by location and project phase. The dataset encompasses over 17,000 projects, with the majority being historical. Utilize this tool to view company names and sizes, making it ideal for prospecting or analyzing business opportunities.  By default, projects are displayed first by most recent updated.

Project Research table

Table columns


Project name
State/ Province
Square Foot Size
Project Size
Project Type
Company Name


1. Click on any column header to sort the entries either from highest to lowest or in alphabetical order.

2. By selecting a column header, you can arrange its contents either descendingly or in ABC sequence.
3. Choose a column header to organize its data from the largest to smallest values or alphabetically.
4. For sorting in descending or alphabetical order, simply click the respective column header.
5. Tapping a column header will arrange its items from most to least or in an A-to-Z order.


Filter by

To explore the data in detail, choose specific locations or project phases. You can select a maximum of five states or provinces for display. By default, the table shows ‘Active’ projects. However, you have the option to view ‘All’ projects or just ‘Historical’ (completed) projects categorized by phase

How to access

Explore project research within the Ganarpro Business Suite. By subscribing to Ganarpro Projects, you gain access to both the Project Board and Project Research. Alternatively, consider our All Services plan, which encompasses Ganarpro Projects. Like all Ganarpro offerings, our research tool is a proprietary cloud-based application. No downloads are required, and it’s accessible from both mobile and desktop devices.

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