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Proposal Generator

Designed for efficiency, accuracy, and centralized storage. Host all your proposals in one cloud-based location. Tailored specifically for cleaning companies to leverage our scope of work templates.  Reach the clean proposal application here, and the paint proposal application here You can edit each scope of work and your new scope remains.  Remove fields that you do not want to use or appear on your downloaded proposal.

Header Information

header information proposal

The default title for the scope is “Construction Cleanup Proposal,” or “Construction Paint” but this can be modified as needed. The company’s name and address will be automatically filled in from the information available at  https://app.ganarpro.com/profile

Submitted By

Submitted by Proposal

Name and contact details of the primary contact for the proposal, obtained from https://app.ganarpro.com/profile.

Project Information

Project information

The Project Name field is mandatory. The Project Address field uses a smart address system. Choose your desired type of project proposal template, we have 30+. Indicate whether rough, final, or fluff cleaning phases are necessary. Additionally, add options for exterior window cleaning and pressure washing to the total bid calculation.  


Customer Information

Customer Information

Input the name of your client and their office address. You have the option to include up to four project contacts, along with their phone numbers and email addresses.

Signature Block

Signature Block

In the signature area, there is provision for Client Approval, which includes fields for the Client’s Name and a signature space. The Disclosure Statement encompasses General Notes and Exclusions. The footer, by standard setting, shows your Company Name, followed by ‘Cleaning Proposal’, the Project Name, and the bid amount. You have the option to add or remove your logo via GanarPro’s Profile Page.


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Filling in fields

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