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Business suite overview

What is the Business suite

Specialized tools designed for specialty contractors with a focus on commercial construction bidding, sales, and marketing. These services assist companies in storing information and fostering collaboration with partners and prospects. It operates as a CPQ with an added ‘F’ for Find, transforming it into an FCPQ. This acronym stands for Find customers, Configure proposals, Price, and Quote. Additionally, we feature a Company Docs section to aid in the creation of essential business information documents.

Who uses it

Specialty contractors and vendors aiming to collaborate with commercial general contractors will benefit from our tool. It’s essential for businesses emphasizing organized information management, especially those looking to thrive in the commercial construction sector. With an integrated cleanup calculator, cleanup proposal and painting proposal feature, it’s particularly advantageous for cleaning and painting companies.  


How to use it

Sign up and log in to access from any web-enabled device. Business Suite resides in the cloud, eliminating the need for installation or downloads. Begin with a free trial offering 10 page views, after which you can opt for a subscription to either an individual app or the extensive All plan. A monthly subscription grants you unlimited access to all the services included in your selected plan.  https://app.ganarpro.com/





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