Get Your Bearings

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

    • Identify the icons in the Business Suite header and know what they do.

    • Access your company QualKey page.

    • Personalize your Outbound Email Address.

    • Personalize your Proposal Company header, and Cleanup Calculator header.

    • Get support from anywhere through feedback.

Welcome to Ganarpro

Hi there! Welcome to Business Suite, the modern, productivity-enhancing experience from Ganarpro. We reinvented a system to help speciality contractors find new opportunities through our services and apps. The result is a cloud web application that we built all in house, accessible on mobile interface that helps you work on multiple devices and more efficiently. We think you’re going to like what you see here.

This module assumes that you’re company is working in North America construction industry, and that your company is or wants to contract and work with commercial general contractors who build vertical structures. Perhaps you’re the owner of a small company who is ready to grow. Perhaps you’re the estimator of a mid size painting company and you want to expand. Either way, we know that your time is valuable. And busy people rarely feel like they have time to learn something new.

While Business Suite has different apps, we try to integrate them within multiple business processes. Like our CPQ process, pricing and quoting a project quickly to our Capability Statement public link share, which eliminates the need for a website. Our systems work on concepts and principles the construction industry works on. Like Prequalifying, and submitting Proposals. So don’t worry, everything won’t be new to you.

Let’s Get Oriented

ganarpro header
  • User profile (1)—Circle with user initials opens drop down with user profile and logout options.
  • Billing (2)—See your current subscriptions, and past payments.
  • Pricing (3)—Add new products to your account.
  • Create new Quick Action (4) – Drop down to open actionable services.
  • Ganarpro logo (5)—Bring you back to homepage dashboard, which just list all services.
  • Left column full service dropdown (6)—Three line icon.
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