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The tool lists construction companies in a column format, each with a blank subcontractor prequalification application. Filtering is based on the operational region, not just the HQ location. It provides companies with blank applications to complete and forward to respective general contractors.


Segment by location

You can search across multiple states and provinces simultaneously for an expanded list of results. The location dropdown remembers your last selection, so it’s set to your previous choice when you revisit.

Search box

You can search using a company name to pinpoint a particular firm.


Record your progress or comments.  


Store and manage your filled in subcontractor application.  Download when you are ready to use.  The file name is listed.

How to access

Prequalify is integrated with PlanRoom within the Planify application. Access it here:  Subscribing to ‘All Services’ or ‘Planify’ grants you access to Prequalify. As a cloud-based tool, Prequalify is available on any device, anytime.

Additional resources


Save, remove, manage

Upload any file up to 10mb, download that same file.  

Outbound emails

In the first quarter of 2024, you will possess the ability to choose a recipient for your completed application.

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