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Prequel MasterKey

Designed to simplify the process of completing subcontractor applications for commercial construction firms. Most general contractors mandate these vendor applications for business engagements. These applications, whether brief or extensive, assess your company’s strength and potential risk factors.

After analyzing hundreds of vendor applications, we’ve consolidated the key questions into the Ganarpro Prequel MasterKey.  Learn more here 

The Sections

Basic Company
Company Info Continued
Organization Details
Project History
Current Work in Progress
Completed Work in Last 5 Years

Basic Company

The Prequel MasterKey homepage provides a learning guide and usage instructions for the tool. The ‘Basic Company’ section features fields that integrate with email templates.

How to access

“This tool is tailored for businesses in the construction industry seeking to streamline their information. Accessible from any device, you can log in from various devices to retrieve your form. We’re developing a feature allowing you to share your form via a public link. Access the Prequel MasterKey here

Additional resources


Save, and use

Learn how your myganarpro dashboard will increase productivity in managing your opportunities.

Filling in fields

View email template options and learn about the merged fields in email templates.

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