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Capability Statement

Introducing the Ganarpro Capability Statement Editor, a cutting-edge tool designed to redefine how businesses present themselves. This innovative editor provides a concise one-page summary that seamlessly elevates a company’s presentation. 

With two distinct templates to choose from, users can customize their statements while having the option to save and store up to five unique versions. A standout feature is the fixed text box editing, ensuring uniformity with feature boxes having predetermined positions. Adding a personal touch is easy with spaces allocated for a company logo and two additional images. Moreover, the tool ensures flexibility in sharing, allowing users to distribute their capability statement through a public URL or downloadable PDF, with the added option for print for those crucial in-person client interactions. 

The structured layout ensures that the company’s logo is prominently positioned on the left, while crucial company details, including contact information, adorn the upper right corner. 

Overall, Ganarpro’s editor stands as an essential tool for businesses aiming to present their details in a manner that resonates across the board, from startups to established enterprises.   Visit the document creator here.

The sections of Capability Statement

Overview Page

– Displays your previously saved capability statements.
– Offers options to:
* Create a new capability statement.
* Get a concise description of the tool’s features , and functions.

Creating a New Capability Statement
– By selecting “Create New,” you’ll be directed to the edit page.

Capability Statement Editor

– Provides guidelines to assist with customization.
– Gives you the freedom to:
* Alter the template.
* Change the outline color.
– While in edit mode, be sure to modify specific boxes and text elements before finalizing your edits with a save and assigning a name.

How to edit

Editing Visuals
– Select files for upload to update the logo and image sections.

Contact Information
– Update the company details and the point-of-contact’s information located on the top right.

About Us Section
– Craft a statement describing your company.

Details of Your Company
– List the primary trades and areas of expertise your company specializes in under “Core Competencies.”
– Incorporate previous work experiences by showcasing them as “Projects,” mentioning the respective customers.


Purpose: Provides businesses with a tool to create a concise one-page summary about their company.

Benefit: Helps businesses present themselves in a compelling way that appeals to both small and large enterprises using customizable templates.

Additional resources


Saving 5 different versions

List five variations from which you can open at anytime anywhere.

Print or Share public link

Print or download as a pdf and share as a public link.

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