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Designed to optimize your search for new construction contract opportunities. It understands the essential nature of continuous bidding in the construction landscape, where typically, the most responsible company offering the lowest bid wins the commercial contract. The platform is geared towards pinpointing viable opportunities close to your business while promoting collaborations with credible companies—maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a comprehensive view of bidding and ongoing construction projects across North America.
  • Facilitates efficient search for project bidding opportunities as businesses expand and need to maintain active crews.
  • Enhances the bid process, collaboration with general contractors, and eliminates inefficiencies.
  • Automates various aspects of the bidding process or provides them through the Project Board service.
  • Offers a visual map view with location pins.
  • Contains a data table that corresponds with map pins.
  • Detailed project overview pages.
  • Options to save, archive, and favorite projects.

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