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Contact Outreach

An application designed for sending outbound emails from your own email address to key bidding employees working for commercial construction general contractors. This tool is akin to Mailchimp but specialized for the construction sector, featuring a pre-assembled contact list for immediate use.  https://app.ganarpro.com/contact_outreach

contact outreach

Create regional lists of active commercial general contractor active contacts, categorized based on their work locations. You have the option to send a mass email to each contact individually, or you can choose to email each contact individually.  Each contact receives the email as a TO.  not BCC or CC.

Additionally, you can view each contact’s phone number, job title, and the name of the company they work for.  You can not view the email address of each person, you can only send outbound email through Contact Outreach.


  • A verified outbound email address is required for Ganarpro.
  • To verify an email address, you must own a domain such as glynn.com or abcservices.com. Gmail or Yahoo addresses cannot be verified.  Learn more

  • Send up to 50 emails in a 24 hour period. This can be a single email sent to 50 people, or a combination such as 5 individual emails and one mass email to 45 people.
  • The system is designed to display only one representative from each company on any given list. Once you send an email to a contact, that individual is permanently removed from all lists. However, since companies may have several representatives, the same company might be represented on multiple lists by different contacts.
  • Each company is an active commercial general contractor.
  • Outbound engagement from Ganarpro, inbound to your email inbox or phone.

What it does

  • Send mass emails up to 50 at one time
  • Send individual contact emails
  • View phone number of person
  • Click company name to reach website of company
  • Segment people by working region
  • Delete company from Contact Outreach
  • Delete person from Contact Outreach
  • View Planroom of company
  • View Prequalification application of company

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