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Send Mass Email

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Using Project Board, you can easily select projects and send one email. The project name, your trade, and your company name are automatically merged into the email. You can edit the first template, but please exercise caution when deleting the contact’s first name in the greeting. Also, keep in mind that if you replace the project name, it will serve as a merge field, automatically pulling in the other project names from your list.

Selecting projects

You have the flexibility to choose individual projects or select all with ease. Simply click the checkboxes to add or remove the checkmark. It’s important to note that all checkbox-marked projects have a contact associated with them, as a project requires a contact for emailing.

Send Email

Choose a template for your email, and feel free to make any necessary edits. Keep in mind that your contact details and project name are automatically merged into the templates. It’s important to note that each project will receive the same email, and you can send only one email per project per day.

Outbound email

Your company utilizes Ganarpro technology for outbound email communications. Inbound emails will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

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