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Cleanup Calculator Cost & Profit

This is the second section of the cleanup calculator, focusing on your anticipated expenses, excluding taxes.

Labor / Payroll cost

The primary expense in construction cleaning is labor. You have the option to outsource or employ your own laborers on-site. To calculate the payroll cost for a project, multiply the number of people by the hours they work and then by each person’s salary.

Mobilization cost

Fuel and non-productive paid labor time are allocated for travel to a project, the setup and closure of each day’s work.  Ganarpro allocates $10 per employee per day, you can make this 0 or estimate your own number of days on site to get an accurate mobilization cost.

I outsource

cost profit. I outsource

Alright, since you don’t employ your own workforce, concerns about the cost of supplies, the number of days spent at the job site, and other direct labor expenses are off your plate. Your primary responsibility involves compensating your subcontractor with a predefined percentage of the contract’s total value. Opting for the ‘I outsource’ option in the calculator will automatically exclude calculations related to workforce labor, mobilization expenses, direct labor costs, and the cost of supplies, streamlining the process for projects that rely on subcontracted labor.

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