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Cleanup Calculator

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This tool enables your entire team to accurately price projects without the need for specialized training or intricate knowledge of pricing techniques. No longer will the responsibility of pricing fall solely on the shoulders of the estimator – the Ganarpro Calculator invites everyone on the team to contribute to bidding and estimating, fostering increased efficiency and precision.

The Ganarpro Calculator is specifically tailored for construction cleanup calculations, ensuring that your final clean bid amount is not just a ballpark figure but a meticulously calculated estimate accounting for costs, profits, and different cleaning phases. It offers detailed estimates per square foot and by the number of units, enabling you to input the square footage of a building and receive an accurate price and profit breakdown, along with an itemized outline of your costs.

Key inputs

Building Sq. Ft siz e-  Main price factor is cleanable square footage.

State –  Locations have different labor costs.

Price per sq ft – Default method for pricing, uses Building Sq. Ft size x State selection.

Price per unit – Enter a number of units/ rooms your project contains.

Price per day – Enter number of days your crew will work on site.

Building project type – Different projects require more detail or attention.

Phases – Rough, Final, and Fluff/Puff.

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